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Because I'm fucking off at work:

table style="font-size:10px;"><tr><td>The 50's:</td><td>nuclear </td></tr><tr><td>The 60's:</td><td>hippies </td></tr><tr><td>The 70's:</td><td>disco </td></tr><tr><td>The 80's:</td><td>leg warmers </td></tr><tr><td>The 90's:</td><td>mc hammer </td></tr><tr><td>The 2000's:</td><td>war </td></tr><tr><td>music videos:</td><td>suckfest </td></tr><tr><td>television news:</td><td>the not news </td></tr><tr><td>SUV's:</td><td>get out of my way </td></tr><tr><td>pornography:</td><td>woo! </td></tr><tr><td>old people driving:</td><td>TURN OFF YOUR BLINKER! </td></tr><tr><td>professional athletes:</td><td>overpaid </td></tr><tr><td>reality shows:</td><td>overrated </td></tr><tr><td>discount stores:</td><td>used to love, now feel as if it is a bunch of crap </td></tr><tr><td>women who color their hair:</td><td>lame </td></tr><tr><td>flipflops:</td><td>comfy </td></tr><tr><td>pantyhose:</td><td>invented by a sadist </td></tr><tr><td>low carb diets:</td><td>there is some truth, but if I want a bowl of pasta and a cookie, I'm going to have it </td></tr><tr><td>pop music on commercials:</td><td>I don't listen to those stations for a reason, now it's invading my television </td></tr><tr><td>purebred animals:</td><td>animal shelter pets are cooler </td></tr><tr><td>animal shelters:</td><td>i want to adopt all the animals there </td></tr><tr><td>internet dating:</td><td>has its moments </td></tr><tr><td>running with scissors:</td><td>MOST FUN EVAR! </td></tr></table>
Your Random Reaction to Random words!! brought to you by BZOINK!

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