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Oy. I have a headache that will not fucking stop. I don't know what's going on. Anyways, we have the kids this weekend. Cute little fuckers. The dog apparently thinks that they are chew toys. Fun! He's calming down a bit, so that's good. The kids are napping right now. They were pretty good in Target today, until I tried to take away a pair of shoes from Sidney and she threw a fit. We managed to distract her later on and got them away. Got them back to the house, and put them down for a nap. Apparently this wasn't on their agenda for the day. So I took my computer in there to get some schoolwork done and then watched over them. They seemed more ready to nap if someone was in there with them. The beauty of a laptop. Anyways, it took about a half hour of me constantly reminding them to lay down before they finally succombed to the sweet nectar of sleep.

So, right now I am getting as much schoolwork done as possible (sure you are, sitting here in LJ, that gets sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much work done). We thought about taking them to the park today, but we will probably go to the grocery store and then back home and that's it. I have to look over my finances before I can make any of those food decisions. I would also like to try some of my cashew butter this weekend. I get a night in the house to myself next week. Bobbie and Josh are flying to SC for a wedding and then Heather is going to be arriving on Friday for the weekend. Should be fun times. I am really just looking forward to the night alone. With the exception of the damn dog. *sigh* Sometimes I really hate the dog. Puts a crimp in my lifestyle. Seriously. Allright. Off for school now. Laters!

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