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Heather left about an hour or so ago to head back to West Palm. We had a fun weekend. Watched tv mostly but did some talking and hanging out. I had to sleep in Bobbie and Josh's room because of the dog and they apparently sleep on a cement mattress. My middle back is KILLING me right now. I am finding that I am having to sit in odd positions to make myself comfortable. At least my back comfortable. Did some grocery shopping today, just some staples mainly, a few things for lunch. I discovered Publix fresh baked onion rye bread. Dear lord. It is the best thing EVER! I toast a slice or two and put some cream cheese on it and just wish I had some lox to go on top. I wonder if I should have been born Jewish. *ponder* Although, I don't know if I could eat gefilte fish :)

I also bought the Bush Dyslexicon last night, along with a little quickie photography book (I can never remember about F-stop and apperature(did I use these terms correctly?), so it's nice to have a pocket guide to remind me) and a book of quotations from the bargain bin and a book on how to read music from the bargain bin. I always get in these little "I shall improve myself and learn about wine and cheese and photography and music" and then go back to scratching my boob and listening to crap 90s music. But, at least I'm honest with myself about it :)

I got my oiled changed on Saturday. I'm already at 36K miles. I haven't had the car 3 years yet. Le sigh. Or has it been 2 years? I can't remember anymore. Yeah, not even 2 years yet. Man. Anyways, so, now I have to go back and check and see if I got the extended warranty or just the 3 year one. I think I have the 60K warranty though. A quick check through the mountain of paperwork will settle that discrepancy. Probably make Bobbie read the paperwork for me on the way to work tomorrow. My cousin's communion was today. I hope she's having a good time. I should call her sister to find out. I have her number not the one who is actually having the ceremony. I sent her a $30 gc to B&N. She's like 7 or 9 or something so that's a lot for some books for her. I don't know what her likes are really, as far as reading material, so this way she can get what she wants. I used to hate GCs, but now I'm all about them. I have figured this out because I hate when people get me something that I have no intention of ever wanting or using. I know their heart was in it, but really, just get me the GC to the bookstore and I'll be happy :)

I'm still waiting on the info on the 529 for the kids, I think I'll need to send away for that again. I want to get that started for them so they will have money to go to college. That way they won't have to worry so much about money like I did and can actually study and not work so much :)

oooo chumbawumba is on. How lovely. OK, I have to get back to work on this school assignment. It's sucking my will to live, but that's okay, I'm used to it.


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