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Le fucking sigh. Okay. First. Fuck Friends. That's right, I said it, I hate that show with a passion. More than I hate reality tv.

Second, class is almost over. Wednesday is the last day. Thank Allah. I have a paper due Monday and another on Tuesday and then I'm done. Woo! Then I have to pay $1700 to take the next class which starts on the 20th. That's going to hurt when I have to pay that. Which is probably going to be tomorrow. Thankfully I saved my student loan money :)

Ok, now, my thoughts on the current situations. First off, the prisoner situation. Rush's agreement with one of his callers that this was just a way to blow off steam. If you want to blow off steam, take a jog around the compound, go shoot some targets, go meditate. Do NOT torture and humiliate people in a prison. I don't care what you think they did to you. Those people in there didn't fly a plane into a three buildings if they had well I guess they wouldn't be there since they would be dead and with their 72 virgins (which, really, when you think about it, would be rather boring).

I understand that the current situation over there is not a delightful one, but no matter WHAT there is no god damn reason to do something like that. And don't tell me that you didn't know about the Geneva Convention, common fucking sense should tell you that writing "rapist" on someone's leg/buttock is not something that is done in "polite society". This is not like hazing. Hazing is a semivoluntary situation. I say semi voluntary because you voluntarily join the rush week, but for some reason act surprised when they spring the paddling and what not on you. You then have a choice to stay or go. If you are that full of low self esteem that you feel that you need to go through that kind of treatment to get some friends, then more fucking power to you, you probably deserve whatever you get. BUT, if you are a prisoner, you should be treated with humanity. I feel this way for people in our prison system here. Yes, you fucked up and you are now being punished (and possibly rehabilitated, but I guess that whole theory has gone out the window) but you should still have basic human rights: clean water, edible food, a bed and access to exercise. There is no reason to beat them within an inch of their lives, make them pose naked, rape them with broomsticks, pose them in explicit ways, just show complete disrespect for them as human beings, because that's what it boils down to, they are human beings too.

Now, I am not completely informed of the situation because I haven't had the time to actually research about the prison and the soldiers stationed there and what not. However, from what I have been hearing on the radio, this information was known and the government was made aware and no one did anything. Now, is this reason for impeachment? I would say so, but I don't know for what reasons you can impeach someone either. So, if anyone knows, please let me know.

Now, Bush has never had my vote, his brother didn't either and truthfully, I'm not a fan of Kerry either. But, I would rather have Kerry in office than Bush. I would rather have Al Sharpton in office, hell I would rather have Jesse the Body in office. Now, that being said, I am going to be calling the local Dem party here in Lee county on Thursday and asking where I can meet up with them and join the fun. I have said before that people should become involved instead of just bitching about it and I never did anything myself. I was pretty much no better than someone who doesn't vote and then complains about it. I am now going to change that. I urge all of you who read this to do the same thing. Now, if you feel that you need to help re-elect Bush, then you should join your local Republican chapter and help with the effort there. Because that is democracy and freedom in action.

Now, onto freedom. I, sadly, have not looked into what (is this the proper tag?) posted in her response to me about the patriot act response. The patriot act on its face is a step into a dictatorship. Now, I have always said that if he got reelec...oops, elected that I would move to Canada. And, I will tell you here, I am probably close to being serious about this. I am tired of living in a country where I can't afford health insurance for myself unless my company provides it. They won't provide it because they would have to hire one to two people who did NOTHING BUT take care of the insurance issues. And this is a company of less than 200 employees. So, because the insurance industry is too fucking obnoxious and expensive to provide employees with coverage, I get left out. Now, the owners of the company make enough that they can afford coverage for themselves, however, it's crap coverage with a $5K deductible and well visits don't count. Oh, and no prescription discounts either. What's the fucking point? I left a job with PPO for $70 a month to come here for no coverage. I now pay about $80 a month for my prescriptions. Now, if I didn't have them, I wouldn't die, but I wouldn't be healthy either. That is completely fucked up. Now, my father would die, because he gets insulin, oh, but sorry, the insurance doesn't consider the insulin he uses to be eligible for regular coverage, it's a nonformulary drug and so he has to pay about $75 a month for his insulin. That's just the insulin. We won't get into how much his needles cost. He reuses them for two days (he takes two shots a day) before he gets rid of them because they are so expensive. The same for test strips and lancets.

I digress. Back to freedom. My mother was down at the Miami protest of the new "free" trade agreement. She's in a ancillary employee union, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) because she is a hospital employee in the nonmedical part of it (she works in the records department). Now, my mother is close to 50 years old, walks with a cane (workman's comp injury) and has back and knee issues. She was down there with other union employees of similar age (of course, some were younger, some were older) and there were representatives of other unions present as well. Now, there were also anarchists and just regular other people protesting. And they were put in "protest areas" or whatever the term was for them to gather in. Uhhh...ok. Did you know that these areas or "free speech zones" were AWAY from the hotel in which the foreign businessmen were holding their conference. Now, the union protesters were peaceful. They followed the rules, stayed in their areas, did as they were told. You didn't see that on the news. No, you didn't. You saw what happened AFTER the unions left. (Most of them were gone when the fit hit the shan) What you also didn't hear about, was the CBS field reporter who got shot at close range with a rubber bullet and was vomiting because of the pain. What you didn't hear was the radio reporter getting shot in the back with rubber bullets because he was in the press area and was being pushed to move and apparently wasn't moving fast enough for the storm troopers. He was not told where to go, they just began the push from all sides. The riot gear armed police officers were inciting the protesters to start something. They still resisted the urge to incite any riot and were trying to be respectful and move as they were told. The problem is, it's hard to tell the person on the other side of a 500 person throng to move back until he actually gets physically pushed BECAUSE the police decided that they didn't need to use the megaphone to direct people where to move to. Perhaps you also didn't see the one girl with her hands up getting shot in the stomach with a rubber bullet from about 20 feet. The radio reporter was shot a total of three times within about 20 minutes during the melee. All you saw were the pictures of people running around in what seemed a riotous way, what it actually was was confusion. And then you saw police "responding" because it's what we like to call EDITING. They were inciting.

This is NOT a free society. In NO WAY is this a free society when people cannot gather peacefully without being pushed into "rioting" (and I think we can all agree, this was not rioting). Oh, back to my mom...THANKFULLY she was on the bus and on her way back when this was going on. It started about ten minutes after they pulled out of their parking lot. But for the 45 minutes before she called to let me know she was okay I was freaking out trying to find out what the hell was going on and trying to find some pictures of the people to see if I could see her group (they were all in purple tshirts). Do you know what the news channels were showing? Michael Jackson. Yes, that's right, a weapon of mass distraction. I DON'T CARE ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON. If he touched a little kid in an improper way, then indict him, try him and convict him and sentence him. Make it a real sentence. Put him in pound me in the ass prison. As far as I'm concerned, he is no different than any other person who allegedly plays with little kids. Same with Nick Nolte, James Brown, Whitney, Scott Weiland, Robert Downey Jr., ad nauseum, etc. I DON'T CARE. They don't pay my bills, they don't determine my health insurance options, they don't determine my environmental protections and they don't determine the price of my gas.

Yes, I am guilty of "celebrity worship". I have a thing for Trent Reznor, Sam Waterston, Eddie Izzard, David Sedaris, Poe, Pink Floyd, and a few others, but you know what, I don't watch Entertainment Tonight to see what they are up to. I check websites for shows they may be having, may decide to buy tickets to see that show. Yes, I bought a book about Pink Floyd, I found it incredibly boring and didn't get past page 100 (A Saucerful of Secrets or something like that for those who must know or who know of my pain). I watch Law and Order, but I watched it before Sam Waterston came on. Yes, I own almost all of NIN's records, but I've cooled in my search for all things NIN. I have some nice pieces and I'm happy with that. People still give me things related to NIN and I love that they do that. Makes me happy that they thought of me and I proudly display my lovely objects of stuff. Yes, I flew to Buffalo and drove to Toronto to see Eddie Izzard and I also visited a good friend while I was in Canada. I killed two birds with one stone. Yes, I followed Roger Waters of Pink Floyd for two shows and then one more over the course of two years and I met a lot of people that I still love dearly to this day. I buy every David Sedaris book that comes out. I could go on forever, as I seem to have been, but you get the idea. I don't use these people to define my life and my thoughts. I don't care if J-Lo and Ben broke up. Could care less.

So, yes, all of these things, there was a point to this, these are weapons of mass distraction. You wonder why people hate us? Because we have it so fucking good that we don't care what our politicians do as long as you tell us that Anne Heche talks to aliens and Jennifer Lopez is now fucking the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. You wonder why Johnny Depp left? Because he couldn't stand this anymore. He had the balls to say what he wanted in a free society and decided that he didn't like what this "free" society was doing and so left. He followed the "if you don't like it, leave" cliche. Good for him. We should all be so fucking lucky to do something like that.

It just angers me that this is all going on and so few people seem to care or are so mislead by the lies they are fed everyday that they don't SEE what's going on around them, and then they wonder why things aren't going so good and start to complain.

Don't complain about the darkness, light a fucking candle. I am going to do that on Thursday. I'm lighting a fucking lighthouse. I'm done with this. I think I'm done now. :) And if not, my fingers hurt from typing all of this. I hope I haven't made you all sleepy or bored with my rantings. Plus, it was something for me to do while the last episode of Friends was on. Yes, it has taken me one hour to type all of this.

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