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Last night was fun. We went to Bobbie's friend Mindie's house. She just got the house (ok, her parents bought the house for their retirement, but she's paying them some rent to live there). Anyways, Josh manned the grill for hamburgers (more fucking hamburgers, I'm telling you, I'm tempted to become a vegetarian just so I don't have to eat hamburgers anymore) and Mindie had made some tasty appetizers (taco dip, feta cheese and cranberry wraps and cream cheese pizza (I have no idea, but it was good) and there was beer and liquor aplenty. I allowed myself 2 beers for the evening and enjoyed talking to some new people. I really didn't know that many people there, but that was okay, I figured I would either be sitting in a corner by myself or just listening to a bunch of people talk about the good ol' high school days. Thankfully, neither happened. A nice bunch of people just hangin' out. It made me miss some of my old college days when these things happened every weekend. It also made me realize that I know only 3 people here. My roommates and their friend Mindie (I enjoy Mindie's company, but she still really isn't *my* friend, so I don't feel like I can call her up and ask her to hang out, ya know?).

So, hopefully with me calling up the Lee county dems this week, I can perhaps extend my social circle. That would be nice. :)

Now I am debating what I am going to be doing for the rest of the day. I have to do my marketing audit still, and I need to go get this film developed too. Laundry, grocery store. Le sigh. Really, I want nothing more than to snuggle back down with my current events books and just veg. But, the time is not now!! There must be activity!! Although, with the roommates just vegging on the sofa and myself still in pjs, it kind of makes it hard to get motivated to go outside in the heat and drive around in traffic and do stuff. Alas, this is what I must do on this fine Sunday, oh yeah, and call my mother.


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