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Easy Like Sunday Mornin'...

It's always fun to bring that song into the fray. Good weekend. Got caught in the rain yesterday. Fun! Actually, it was kind of fun. I like the rain. Got some pictures developed. Have to take more now. It's schizo raining again today. It will rain for like 5-10 minutes then stop then come back about 20 minutes later with a vengenance. Not very fun. My left pinky hurts from hitting the shift key and the tab key all the time for my typing at work. :(

So, Thursday I called the DEM party, and got the info to call someone closer to my area so I did that on Friday. I am going to a meeting Tuesday night. This should be fun. Apparently, there are mainly retirees working for these clubs. Well, this is the land of old people that I'm in right now. They're everywhere! I like them on a one on one basis, but they are sucky drivers (especially when they have nice convertibles :) )

More info on the meeting after I have attended (obviously) Still haven't got my grades for my class. I'm pretty sure I got an A. He seemed fairly impressed with my final project in it's early stages (I think I completed most of the work at that stage instead of just turning in an outline, the instructions for that assignment weren't very clear to tell the truth).

A new market opened in Ft. Myers this weekend. The Fresh Market. The produce section is fucking awesome. It's not that big, but the food looks fresh, not sad like at the supermarket. Hence the name I guess. They sell flowers, whole coffee beans that you pick and choose and can grind there if you so choose (I can now make my blends) for $8.99/lb. That's a bit more than Publix, but if I can make my own blends, it makes me happy. Most of the food is "whole" or "organic" which makes me VERY HAPPY. The prices are comprable to the supermarket, so I will probably shop there from now on, and just go to the supermarket for various other things. I'm such a freaking snob. :) Don't get me started on the meat/fish counter. Holy crapoly. Nice prices (comprable again) and very fresh meat. Freshly chopped sirloin/chuck, filets, talapia, smoked salmon (finally!) and lamb chops. I have died and gone to heaven.

I'm also on a small craft project. I picked up this really neat moon bottle with margarita mix. The mix was pretty gross, so I dumped it out (it just wasn't the right taste and no amount of lemon juice helped it) so, I am going to get some nice stones/pebbles and some silk/fake sunflowers and take it to work. I need some flowers/greenery in there. It's too depressing in there right now.

I'm debating on either going to West Palm for memorial day weekend or staying here and taking pictures and being all artsy fartsy and cleany weeny all the time. Still in debate. I'll get back to you on that since I know that you are all waiting with baited breath to know my decisions on my travels within the state of Florida.

Bobbie is cooking french toast right now with sour dough bread. Yum! Breakfast is almost ready, so I shall take my departure right now and then I shall be a cleaning machine for most of the day. Class starts again on Thursday, bleh, so I have to get in my free time as much as possible right now.


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