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So, I was watching Charmed last night (shut up) and I saw an ad for a new show where it is like American Idol, but in reverse. Apparently it's a huge practical joke on the contestants who are made to think that they can sing and are talented. Now, look, I already don't feel bad for someone who tries out for these shows. It seems that these people just want to be famous. So, whatever.
There is something to be said against those who develop a show like this. It seems to me like the popular kids picking on the ugly/new/fat/socially inept kid. The A/V kids are getting shit on again. And it's funny.

Why do we find such great entertainment from watching people get humiliated? By we I mean the public in general, not necessarily you, gentle reader, or me. I watched Survivor, but that was a physical contest, the humiliation derived would be on a personal level of not winning (the way I see it). But to go out of your way to humiliate people on national television, is ridiculous. Candid Camera, I would not consider humiliation because those were jokes on a smaller scale, and they weren't carried on for a season of shows, just like 20 minutes. I have no sympathy for those humiliated on Funniest Home Videos, that was just a dumb show anyways. I got sidetracked and have lost my train of thought here, but I think you can all see where I was going with this (this is the problem with trying to update "thought provoking" journal entries at work when you have to answer the phone.)

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