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Stolen from piccolopixie (because I can do what I want)

First job: Video store (I was about 9) dusting shelves, restocking videos & vacuuming.

First screen name: Loca (very original, yes?)

First funeral: my grandfather (paternal).

First pet: Sparkle & Serious, my guinea pigs

First piercing/tattoo: ears (age 18 mos) tattoo: 1/4 moon on right outer ankle 22 years old.

First credit card: Mastercard $500 limit

First Kiss: I don't remember. I guess it wasn't that great.

First one that mattered: I don't think there's been one of those yet.

First love: Jorge. He was hawt.

First enemy: Joyelle Boblin. She made fun of me for being Mexican. I showed her what damage a key on a string can do. :)

First big trip: I would say the trip to Mexico when I was 8, but that has recently been replaced with my trip to Arizona. My road trip to Arizona. :)

First favorite book: Probably either Goodnight Moon or Harold and the Purple Crayon. I'm sure it's a toss up.

First concert: UB40 (I'm not proud, it's just the truth is all.)

First musician you remember hearing in your house: The Beatles


Last car ride: The way to work this morning.

Last kiss: If the kitty counts, last night. Otherwise, jesus I don't remember.

Last library book checked out: Alas, Babylon.

Last movie watched: Theatre: LotR 3 DVD: Big Fish TV: 28 Days Later

Last beverage drank: Glorious life giving...water.

Last food consumed: onion bagel with garden veggie cream cheese

Last phone call: payroll company turning in the week's times

Last time showered: Last night (makes the mornings easier)

Last CD played: Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits

Last annoyance: the receptionist talking to me because she has nothing to do and I am kind of busy right now.

Last soda drank: Coke about three nights ago

Last ice cream eaten: last week

Last time scolded: ummm..I don't know. :)

Last shirt worn: Yesterday was just a boring lavender shirt.

Last time you felt at peace: last weekend. Cleaning the pool tiles, and it was just me and the fun noodle. And the sponge to clean the tiles.

Last website visited: Livejournal


Single or Taken: Le Single

Sex: Female

Birthday: August 22, 1978

Sign: Leo/Virgo

Siblings: zero

Hair color: black

Eye color: light brown/hazel

Shoe size : 11

Height: 5'10


Wearing: Black 3/4 sleeve shirt, jeans and sandals

Thinking about: volunteering this weekend, bills that need to be paid, why I like this Kylie Minogue song. Should I move to salary? Budgeting, why I'm taking statistics like an idiot.

Listening to: Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head on launchcast radio. I'm so lame.
I can't get the cut to work. Am I going nuts?

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