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Started my new stats class today. Hopefully it won't be too difficult. I've been having a feeling of dread though, I hated statistics in high school/college. Anyways, went to that Dem meeting Tuesday night. Was interesting. I am going to be going to the one closer to the house though, hopefully there will be younger people involved there. :)

It looks like this could be fun though. I donated $25 to this guy's campaign, he is the only democrat running for county commission. He switched over from the Republican party. Works for me. He's a big environmentalist too. That definitely works for me. Getting some more responsibilities at work. So, that's fun. Anything to keep me busy. I feel kind of bad for one guy though, he's going to be fired tomorrow. He just didn't have the supervisor abilities that were necessary. In other words, he let his guys slack off too much thereby causing us to lose close to $17K on ONE job. Not a good thing. So, they hired this other guy back who was really good and he is going to be taking over the responsibilities. I am also in charge of the cell phones now. While this doesn't seem like a big thing, it actually is, because now I'm in charge of whether or not these people get to keep their cell capabilities or radio only (we have Nextels now).

Going to bed now. I almost beat Zuma. I'm rather pissed that I died though. :(

Sleepytime now. *snore*

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