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I am such a tool because I didn't know that I could take a floppy to Kinkos or OfficeMax or whatever and have them print out stuff for me. DUH! So, I downloaded all of the chapters that I need for this new class and am going to take them today to be printed. I can only imagine how much this is going to cost me. I wonder if getting them done double sided will help cut down the cost. We'll see. It's about 16 chapters. I figure this will be more helpful than me having to be chained to the computer to read my texts.

I am having trouble getting motivated to move today. I don't know why. I think because it's Saturday. I told the Dem club that I would help them out today to register voters and to help get petition cards signed to get this candidate on the ballot. I may help out tomorrow instead. We'll see.

I need to go the grocery too. I also heard that there is an article in the latest Uncut mag about Pink Floyd written by Roger Waters. Going to pick that up too. Let you know how it all goes, because I know, gentle readers, that you really give a shit. I also wish the animals would stop attacking each other. It is getting really aggravating. OK, going to get dressed and start moving. I think it's only right. :)

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