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Man, today was just not a happy day. I don't know what's going on, but I am just run-down. I am REALLY looking forward to having Monday off. Thank goodness. I was bad and avoided the phone all weekend. I just didn't feel like going and standing around in the heat trying to make people sign petition cards to get someone on the ballot. I'm going to be good and go to a meeting this Friday with the chapter that is closer to the house. I think maybe that one will be the way to go. I also don't want to do any "door to door" things. Sorry, I value my life and there are too many crazy people out there. Plus, I hate being bothered by people on a Saturday afternoon, why should I bother someone else? Why can't we just stand outside the grocery store?

Whine whine whine!!!

I got moved into my bedroom for the computer now. I was sitting by the kitchen at the pass thru, but Bobbie wanted her counter back (even though she didn't actually say that, I know that she likes a nice clean house, and my area was rather messy) so we went to Target and got a bookcase to clear off this corner piece that was already in my room and I am now in this hot ass room using the computer. FUN!! It is less distracting. So, that's nice.

I got a thank you card from one of my little cousins. She just had her first communion and I couldn't make it, but I sent her a gift card for Barnes and Noble (kids need to read dammit) and she sent some pictures in there of her and her sister and her with my parents. I'll probably take them to work with me. She's such a cutey patootie. :)

Ok...off to either watch Sopranos (we tivoed it) or read more of The Bush Dyslexicon. Oh, and April: Against All Enemies and Fortunate Son are GREAT reads. I highly recommend them. I want to get a library card so I can read some of the sean hannity and ann coulter stuff, just so I can be fair and balanced :)

Night kids!

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