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I just finished one of my papers for stats. I may do the other one tomorrow, she gave us an extension since she kind of messed up when it was due. I may take advantage, because I am miss sleepy tired right now. Pest guy comes tomorrow. We think maybe that there is a mound under the flower bed right by my window. It's very likely. Yesterday afternoon they were moving this bush around and therefore were disturbing the bed. Apparently, big time disturbing.

Anytime there were ant appearances (or mutant, whichever you prefer) was when Josh watered outside by the window. It's all starting to make sense now. I'm still going to sleep on the couch tonight though. It may rain tonight, so I don't want to take a chance that I will wake up covered in ants. I think there may be something in the couch though, I have a few bites on my leg. F'n great.

I hate this place, nothing works here, the medications don't work. ARRRRGGGHHH!!

I'm better now. Yes, paper put off until tomorrow. I'm allowed to be bad. Dammit. :)

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