LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Quickie Update

Haven't done this in a while, which is sad I know, I know my life is so riveting for you all :)

Friday night was the "office" christmas party. I say "office" like that because it was for both hospitals (they are both owned by Tenet) and paid for by the company that I work for, EmCare. I almost wasn't invited to this thing, neither was my supervisor for that matter, we just happen to be the ones to make sure that the billing company gets the charts so they can pay the doctors...really...we can just be shitcanned, it's cool. Fuckers.

Anyways. So, it got wild after 11, it was open bar until then. Everyone pretty much took advantage of that, for soon there were thongs being shown, table dancing and erotic mousse eating off one of the docs. Very scary...very *shudder*

Then Saturday I watched my godchildren, Sidney and Skyler. That was fun, nothing like two one month olds crying at the same time and having to show your dad how to use the goddamn computer because he can't figure out what to click on. *sigh*

So, yeah, that's been about it, and my neighbor is in the hospital, so I am helping by watching whatever kids she has in the evening (she runs a day care out of her home) so that her husband and son can go visit with her. That's all...yeah..I think that's it. Okay....bye :)
Tags: family, work

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