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So, we watched the horse race, and I even made riding movements to help Smarty go, but I guess my added weight was too much for him. Oh well. I don't even care about horseracing really, but it was the story that dragged me in.
Reagan died. It's always sad when someone leaves us. I'll leave it at that.
Stats is pissing me off, but the question got clarified, so now I only have one more question and yet another paper to write. At least it's not an excel spreadsheet (yet).
We watched Bruce Almighty this evening. Good flick, I had seen it before, but I enjoyed it again. We also watched Circle, the Eddie Izzard DVD. There was some stuff in there that I didn't remember. It was funny all the same. I can't wait until Sexie comes out on DVD for this region. Lucky UK peeps. I'll just have to remember as much as I can from the show in Toronto. That was fun times.

Allright, off to read more leftist literature. Night!

Oh, and to someone who emailed me on Friday, keep your chin up and don't let them get you down. :)

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