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Excellent Christmas today. Christmas Eve was pretty groovy too. I'll start there :)

Christmas Eve, went to work for two hours, left, met up with mom, got a few last minute gifts and then went home to wrap them up. I went to my Aunt Gloria's house (which we do every xmas eve) and got a lovely outfit for work (which I shall wear tomorrow for I have no clean clothes) and a gift certificate to Sears and a t-shirt that says "New York" and has the skyline in it and underneath it says "New York City". She went to NY for a week last week :) We watched her video that she made at NBC Experience, and it was quite funny. One of those blue screen things where you do the weather for the Today show and go on a wild desk ride with Conan O'Brien. We all ate and hung out with all my cousins. We stayed until about 11:30 and then we all went home.

Today I woke up around 11:30 a.m. and started to make the mashed potatoes because I had to go and help my aunt and cousin with the babies so that we could load everything up into the cars. One baby has a lot of stuff, but two is ridiculous! :) I got a gift certificate to Publix (grocery store, I love g/c for there because they come in handy in emergencies). We ate and hung out at my grandfather's house (mom's side) and watched him get blasted on "libations" of rum laced egg nog and Grand Marnier chasers. And we all played with the babies, which is always fun, except for when they spit up.

Earlier in the day, when my parents and I opened our gifts I got a g/c to Crafts and Stuff, which is awesome because I have to replenish my paint supply, maybe I'll get a small canvas too :) And I also got an awesome set of brushes, mine were starting to get ratty. The best gift though was a thank you letter from my cousin for helping her with the kids and helping her in the hospital, etc. I would have cried reading it if I wasn't reading it out loud in a funny voice to one of the babies. :) Definitely the coolest thing out of all of xmas.

I hope everyone else had a great day and didn't injure any family members. Love all of you tons!
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