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Back in Fort Myers. Fun! I'm actually just happy to have DSL again. :)

It was nice seeing my parents. I do miss my dad quite a bit. I miss my mom too, just not so much, as all she can really talk about is how they are all out to get her at work. Visited one of the neighbors, she's doing okay, but, she's probably not really long for this world. Sad really. She's on oxygen 24 hours a day, does breathing treatments like 4 or 5 times a day. And she's still sneaking cigarettes. *sigh*

She also tried to argue with me that there wasn't a concrete shortage. Um, hi, I work in the concrete industry now. Some people :)

Mood is okay in the house, but I've holed myself in my room for the night. I have to do some stats homework. Next week (starting Thursday) is the last week of this class. Thank whatever.

Got to see my twins though. They are so freakin' damn cute. They are funny too, starting to talk. Just being little monkies, climbing all over stuff. Getting so big too. I can't believe they are already 19 months old. Time flies, no?

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