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The "movie of the year"

So, I just got back from seeing Farenheit 9/11. Wow. I knew most of what was going to be said since I have been reading up on everything relating to Bush and 9/11 and Iraq, etc. (House of Bush House of Saud is next on my book purchase list) and there was still stuff in there that I didn't know about. Like war records and what was missing. I found it to be quite a good movie.
I know I know, it's not "cool" to like Michael Moore. Well, whatever. Yes, I know that there was quite a bit off in Bowling for Columbine and yes it was completely and totally anti-Bush Administration, so yes there was some bias (okay, a LOT of bias) but you know what...If this is what it takes to get that guy out of office, then hallelujah. I would like to think that if an undecided voter walked into that theater and saw this movie that they would walk out with a vote for Not Bush.
Reading Richardf8's review, I agree with it. The first part was nice and tight. When it got to stuff about the happy Iraqis it got a little...blurry. The entire audience gasped at seeing a kid probably about 18 months to 2 years old laying on a hospital gurney with his left arm completely torn open. I almost puked actually, I had to shut my eyes. Anyone who thinks that war is a great thing, is an assknocker. Yes, that's right, there's no better word for it.
Moore is a great storyteller though. I'm not saying he was making this stuff up, I mean he presented it in a way that was engaging and at some points quite entertaining (I still love hearing Ashcroft sing, such a beeyooteeful voice). The Bonzana spin on it was pretty good too.
I think the most terrifying was the elementary school stuff. I knew about this, of course (I listen to liberal radio), but actually SEEING it. Like a deer in the headlights. I think that almost made me more physically ill than seeing a 2 year olds bones and muscles.
More than anything, this movie made me sad. It did. That people still want to vote for this guy. That people are willing to send their children to die for his buddies to get a little richer. That the business men talking about the money that was/is to be made in Iraq and pretending that they give a shit about the soldiers over there. Just collateral damage. That's all. It's just human life.
Preying upon the poor to fight a war for oil.
Now, I am not a Democrat. It's true. I am not registered for ANY political party, which isn't great to be in Florida, since to vote in the primaries, you have to be a member of a party. I have some conservative thoughts and some liberal thoughts. I am not a Michael Moore supporter (i.e. I do not blindly follow what he says as the gospel truth), but I highly recommend seeing this movie. If anything, just to get a good laugh at the chimp in charge and his cohorts and to have your eyes opened at the horrors of war and how many of the soldiers there changed their tune from "Wooo!! Let's shoot some towelheads!" to "Um, so, we just like killed someone and I can smell rotting corpses in the street. This is nothing like that game I used to play on Xbox when I was 16."
I'll be going to see this next weekend with my friends in west palm.

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