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Back in Fort Myers. Man. I had a good time hanging out with Heather this weekend. It was nice to get out of the house more than anything. I took my car to be serviced at the dealership (just needed an oil change and I have the "Car Care" plan, so that's why I go there). So, I drop it off, my mom, Heather and I go get breakfast and then go back to the dealership. The service writer sees me and has me follow him to his office. So, I go in and he tells me that my battery had been leaking acid out of the positive side and so I need a new positive cable, new transmission filter, transmission (cooling lines? I don't remember) and a new battery. The motor mount had collapsed AND I needed to have "induction" service done. Oh, and of course, a new air filter. So, I ask him if the battery is still under warranty. Nope, that ran out about 3000 miles ago, sorry. Great. Well, the motor mount is covered and the cables, because he fudged a few things on the service ticket, but I still had to pay out $90 for a new battery installed, $23 for new transmission filter and they got me on the air filter!!! I forgot to say, NO, I will go buy an air filter and put it in myself. If you can't put the air filter in, honestly. :)

So, $150 later I got my car out on Saturday. Then, we went to go see F9/11 (again for me). Heather and her sister and Dave and his mom and I all went to one of the scarier theaters in town. But, it was only $5. That was good. Quite a few older people there. That was kind of refreshing. Dave's mom works for the VA, so she was able to give a bit more insight into what the deal was with the Rx copays being raised, and all that stuff.

Then Heather and I went to the mall for a bit, I got another pair of jeans and a new shirt. Then...we went to my house so I could shower and change because I had sweated SOOO much, I couldn't stand myself. Then, I talked to my dad about my car issues, and so he pretty much made my decision for me about getting new tires. That's what I forgot to mention before, I needed 3 new tires (one of them is already pretty new). I asked my dad if he thought I could probably go another month on those tires, "No. They are way too smooth. I don't want you driving on these."
He bought me two new tires today and I'll be paying him back when I get paid again. Taking the car to the dealership pretty much wiped me out for the week. I am really tired now.

The weekend is catching up to me, I didn't sleep much :)

So, I think I am going to make a light dinner, take some sleeping meds and knock out. Going to work early tomorrow, have to get a whole bunch of stuff done. Bleh.


More later when I can think straight.

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