LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Yesterday when I was driving back to the fort myers crib, I was behind these two pick up trucks. One had a mattress and boxspring in it and the other was filled with moving boxes and bags. The kid (I say kid, he was probably about 20) in the passenger seat of one of the trucks was having a great ol' time, which probably means it was his stuff :)

Just seeing that made me happy. Like catching a glimpse of something happy in someone else's life. I can imagine getting him to his new place, unpacking the bed and tossing the boxes in the room and kitchen. Order a pizza, grab a six pack and hook up the tv for the rest of the night to play video games. Isn't that the first thing that most guys hook up in a new place, the tv and game console?

I bought some Veet today. It's not a horrible odor, but it does have a smell about it. It works ok. I have fine hair though, so, I'm talking Bobbie into using it, and see if it works on her. If it does, then I highly recommend it. :)

Thinking about bed now. Night kids. :)

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