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Got my car fixed yesterday, so that was good. I still need one new tire. That's going to have to wait for a bit, but my dad said I probably about 6-12 months on it, so that's good.
I decided to come back to the house on Saturday night after dinner. I wanted one night here dog/roommate free. It was absolute heaven. I also needed to get a school assignment done, so I did a crap job on the post I needed to make and then passed out (I didn't get into town until almost 1 a.m.).
This morning I went to the grocery store and bought myself some food for the next week (probably longer, depends on many leftovers I can get out of stuff). I prepared a veggie casserole that smelled pretty darn good and portioned that out into two servings, so that can be a lunch or dinner side (or meal in itself, I'll let you know how it turned out, I think I put in too much water).
I got a steak and some chicken. I was going to get fish, but they didn't have any yet, so, next week perhaps. I think this will be good for me, eating a proper portion and cooking the way I like things to be cooked. We'll see.
I also cleaned the kitchen, swept and vacuumed it (to get up the rest of the dirt that didn't go into the dustpan), swept and vacuumed the dining room and the bad spot in the living room where our shoes go(well, mine don't go there anymore, I keep it all in my room now). I'm taping some comedy specials for Heather and then when those are done, will either watch The Banger Sisters or read for my class (because I do need to get some studying done, but I do have the rest of the night to be locked in my room, so I can probably put it off) :)

I think the special is over, or just about, so I need to go hit the stop button. I may post later tonight with more news/thoughts, depends on how the rest of the day goes :)

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