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Got through one chapter, one more to go! Woo! This is actually a bit interesting, in that really boring way. I think I am going to do what I did with stats and take this to be printed at Office Max. It's just easier to read it that way so I don't have a hot computer on my legs or have to sit next to an outlet all the time so I can take as long as I need to read it.

We are having company over tonight, it is one of their friends' birthdays, so, I'll make my appearance for a bit and then probably bugger off again. Not to be mean, but I'm actually feeling really drained today. Probably the fact that I've only had a sandwich and an apple today. Well, at least I don't have to cook tonight :) I'll be making my dinner tomorrow though, I am having naked chicken parmigiana (I say naked because I'm not breading the chicken, just seasoning it with "italian" seasonings) with wheat rotini and diced "italian" style tomatoes on top. A little provolone cheese on the chicken after it's cooked...mmmmmmmm. :)

Ok, back to schoolwork.

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