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I'm going to chalk up the offense/anger/pissed offedness that I am feeling towards certain coworkers and bosses up to me being ubersensitive because of nicotine withdrawal and so not put much stock into it.

Yesterday, get an IM from office manager, "Call the phone guy and tell him that we are having problems with this and this and that."

Today, "When you call the phone guy, tell him we need this too. Thanks."
Also today, "No one up here has time to go through the cabinets to inventory them, if you could do that. The person who gets the office supplies should really be checking things out anyways."

Now...in the amount of time it took for her to pick up the phone, dial my extension, wait for me to pick up (two rings, I was busy) tell me this, hang up the phone and return to her work...she could have done it herself. So, I ask Bobbie a while later if she could just do a quick runthrough for me if she has a minute since she is already up there. That's when I find out that a list has been printed for me. So I can do the inventory. Once again, the amount of time taken to print that list, could have done it themselves.

So, I go up there, "take inventory" and come back downstairs. All of five minutes (that included walking time).

Now, it isn't so much that I have been asked to do something. What bothers me is when people who are capable of doing something on their own refuse to do it because they either feel it is beneath them or can't be bothered because they have better things to do and assume that no one else does.

I understand that I am low man on the totem pole here and also, not part of the family (since everyone upstairs except Bobbie is now related in some way) and downstairs none of us are related, but my immediate boss has been a member of their family through friendship for many many years.

One of the final straws. Phone call comes in, it is for big boss, he is in "meeting" (read bullshit session) with immediate boss, I intercom immediate boss and tell him that there is a call for big boss, it is so and so. Ten seconds later, I get an intercom buzz back from IB telling me to put call through to voice mail. Now, background on the guy calling...he has been calling for about three weeks now, almost every day. And almost every day he gets put to voice mail even when big boss is here. Fun, huh? (I hate lying too, which there seems to be a lot of in this company) So, when BB and IB come out of their "meeting", I say to BB, "Boy, that guy must really want to talk to you, he calls almost every day."
BB: "Well, I was talking to who I wanted to talk to. When I'm in there and the door is closed, that is the only person I want to talk to."
me: "oooook."
Now, as I mentioned before, having some withdrawal issues, so am chalking up offense/anger to being easily irritated. I don't know if he was kidding...but if he wasn't he can kiss my ass. I do not tolerate this.

So, anynoodle. I am just biding my time until I get to go home today. I am really sleepy and hungry. *snoooooooze*

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