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I was up late trying to understand why someone can think that an ENTIRE NATION of people suck. Of course I'm talking about the French, because what other nation does it seem that this entire nation has always hated/thought sucked?
So, I asked for a *logical* reason for this condemnation of an entire country of people, "Their government is antiamerican, nuff said."
"So you are judging and *entire* country of people based on what you perceive their government of being?"
"The government is representative of the people."
"So, then that means that the rest of the world thinks that we are a nation of people who like to take away civil liberties and can't speak in complete sentences."
"Bush is only 1/3 of the government."
"Yes, but *he* is what everyone gets to see day in and day out when the words 'US Government' are said, his picture is shown right along with it."
"Our government is elected for the ppl, by the ppl."
"He is not representative of my beliefs, nor are probably half the people in our total government. They may represent a majority, but not the whole."
"Ok, a majority."
"Ok, so, knowing that the government is representative of only a majority, not a whole, that would mean that there are some French people who are not antiamerican. So, does that mean that they suck too?"
"No, but I don't know any french ppl, so they all suck."

It was pretty much after this that I gave up. That and it was already 11:30 at night.

Where do I find these people???

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