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So, I've been doing some research. Granted, it wasn't really that in depth, but I think that I am going to drop this UoP program.

Now now, before some of you go getting your panties in a wad, hear me out. From what I have been reading, it seems that as long as your tuition is paid up, you can get passing grades. Um, that offends me on an academic level. Let me explain why.

My last class was statistics (as some of you may remember as I did not stop bitching about it for the entire 6 weeks I was in it) and I did not really understand what was going on because I really need to see math to understand it. So, I tried to do my best and then I stopped trying to do my best and just started turning in assignments. On the math problems that I turned in, I didn't receive full credit, but I still got an A on it. The two papers that I turned in...complete crap...perfect scores.

Now, knowing this about me let me tell about these two people in that class who turned in absolutely mindblowing work. They showed a complete mastery of the subject matter and were able to apply it to their current jobs and use their jobs as examples of statistics in action. I received the same grades as they did.

That doesn't seem fair or right now does it?

So, this got me thinking, "Am I just going to be able to sail through the next 18 months on bare effort and get my MBA degree? Do I want to do this? Am I not just buying a diploma and turning in some work to show that I did some work for it, but not really enough to actually EARN the degree, just putting a montly payment on it until it is paid in full and then I can get a piece of paper that says I did the work and so I get to have the prestige of having a degree?

So, I have decided to drop out of this particular program. I am going to be looking into the local university here as they have a MBA program, and it is probably way cheaper than what I am paying now.

I am not trying to find a way of getting out of doing this degree program, but if I get this degree I want it to actually be something that I have worked for and actually be worth the paper it is printed on.

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