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In other news

Ok,all that other crap aside. I had an okay weekend this weekend. Went back to West Palm again. Heather had a bit of a crap week, so I thought she could use some company. Had a nice dinner on Friday and then I took her out for a few drinks. We found an okay bar, it would have been nicer if there wasn't a band there. Don't get me wrong, they were a good band, but it was kind of loud for such a small place. When I go back for a visit, we may go there again. We were going to go to the zoo, but she forgot that she had a wedding to go to for one of her stepmom's grandkids and it was in the middle of the afternoon, so I hung out with my mom for most of the day. Then Heather got out of there and she and my parents and I went out for a lovely dinner. Had a great waiter. He was awesome! Then we went and got our buddy Dave so that he could come over and watch Lewis Black and Chris Rock comedy specials with us. Dropped him at home and then I left for back here today.
Dave is doing much better than he was before. So, that's good.
Whenever I leave there I get sad for leaving Heather and the kids, but keep telling myself I did it for my sanity. And then I get over here and it's the same shit over again. Need to find somewhere else for my sanity. *sigh* I think what it really is is that I am just not going to be happy anywhere until I'm on my own. But then it turns into, well, not completely on my own, I'd like to have some friends around to share good times with. Unfortunately, I can't make everyone move to where I want to be (which I don't really know where I want to be) so, that's out.

I think the best thing right now is to get ready for bed and go to sleep because I am exhausted. I'll be staying here this weekend mainly because I don't feel like making that drive again for a while. But, what's funny is right now, if I wasn't so tired, and I had Heather with me, I would like nothing more than to just drive. No destination, just go. Grab some tunes, some snacks, some drinks and go. With just enough for gas and if necessary a hotel room (although, we've always managed to make it back to home before complete and total exhaustion set in).

Wanderlust I think they call it. That's what I would be feeling if the variables were all correct.

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