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Had some pasta for dindin, didn't have much of an appetite this evening. I called the school and found out that if I withdraw right now, I will have to pay the prorated cost of the class, out of pocket. Forget it. I'll just finish it. So, I had to play mad catchup today. I didn't actually read anything, aside from other people's work to get some idea of what I should say to answer the questions. Nor did I really answer the questions. I did do the simulation that we had to do, that was very boring, but somewhat interesting (as far as wanting to be a business owner) on how to figure out when you've lost too much walkaway business and how to increase productivity and profit margins while maintaining service.
So, I'm just hanging in there, doing what I can until I can just withdraw alltogether (I'm just hoping that this money comes before the next class starts, which is 8/26) Not only for my sake as far as taking classes, but the cruise money is due the first week of september. I should sock some away right now for a "just in case" moment. EEK!
I guess I should tell the boss I'll be taking the week of thanksgiving off too.

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