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So, talked to my cousin today, it seems the kids woke up around 2 this morning, opened the refrigerator and proceeded to take out most of the food in there, eat some of it and spill a lot of the drinks. FUN!! They aren't even 2 yet. After I finished laughing, I felt kind of bad. Yesterday I ordered a refrigerator guard for them to help combat this problem. Those kids are crazy.
Her mom also has the onset of emphysema. She also refuses to quit smoking. *sigh*
Staying here this weekend, should be interesting. I was really achy yesterday, my eyes were all itchy, felt like crap (still don't feel 100%) so I took some zanaflex, slept like a rock, but had a moment of confusion this morning. My clock said it was 6:48, and I was like, no freakin' way! It was 5:48. Vera had stepped on the clock. So, that was an interesting extra 45 minutes of sleep.
Of course, that was after she decided at 3:30 a.m. that she wanted out of the room.
And this is why I can't wait until they go away for the weekend, so I can leave my door open and she can come and go as she pleases.
That and I'll have the house to myself :) :) :)
Don isn't here right now, so, that's nice. Been quite the leisurely morning for me. Haven't really done much, nor do I care to.
Perhaps I shall post more later today when I have something to say. Right now it's like as soon as I start to type a message every coherent thought leaps out of my head.
Oh, and bagel boy was there today. but, he was kind of standoffish, and no extra tater salad. :(
Ok...ta for now :)

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