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For people who claim to be extremely busy, they seem to have a lot of time to worry about their office supplies (that they can't bother to check for themselves), here's what I have to put up with.

Earlier today:
D: when you get an oportunity[sic], i believe we are getting low on some of the office supplies...an inventory review is necessary
D: there is a[sic] office supply check list on your computer shared documents that you should use as a guideline to the supplies we need

Me: yes
Me: thank you
Me: I'll send A up with it later

Now, I am WELL AWARE of this stupid list, and I absolutely hate it, because it is a waste of my time as all the information except for the name of the product, is incorrect and/or unavailable from the supply company anymore. Anyways, so, I send her up, then I get this message:

S: have you placed an order yet
S: i believe danielle still needs something

Me: nope, I'm gathering it all together now

I never received anything further from that. Go fig.

Then, later this evening, while I am staying late trying to get some shit done so I can clean my desk/office tomorrow and hopefully leave early I get this:

D: i just wanted to make sure that the office order is being taken care of. I believe that the check list is accurate enough that it can be completed without many problems, but i do know that i'll be out of ink soon and at this time we have no backups...please let me know the status.

Me: i haven't placed the order for 2 reasons and I will be going to get the order at some point this evening. 1 reason was I was waiting for don to come back so that I could clear the new printer/fax purchase with him with regards to the credit card and 2) either steve or bobbie (I don't remember which) mentioned that you may have needed something else and I never heard a response back.

D: as long as angelica checked the list against what we have in the cabinets, and everything is stocked, then we should be fine up here...there are really no items that we keep/need personally. That is why we made the checklist so nothing gets overlooked

Me: then it's all set and i will be going as soon as i finish what i'm doing

D: thank u (<----I hate that shit!)

Apparently I'm a red assed babboon who is not capable of actually doing anything without someone riding my ass about it. Which tells me one thing, she doesn't have enough to do, so now she has to figure out what I'm doing all day.
It has taken ALL my strength this past hour to not throttle anyone.

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