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Oy vey. My back tooth is broken. The tooth that I had a root (I almost typed 'route') canal on, but never got the post and crown because I couldn't afford it, even when I had insurance. So, now I REALLY need to go to the dentist ASAFP. It doesn't hurt, but I'm going to be putting myself on a soft food diet until I get it taken care of, I don't need to bite down on something because I forget that I have this issue and then, "Ow! What the hell is that?" and find out I'm chewing on my tooth. Not fun. I think what is really annoying is that I have this urge to just play with it with my tongue and I can't because I know it will fall out. ARRRGH!
I had my first Thai meal this weekend, and I took jesterstear's suggestion and got the Pad Thai Beef (he is constantly raving about it) it was really freaking good, and so now I, of course, want to eat that all the time, maybe I can just find a recipe for it and make it myself, be much cheaper and I have no idea where there is a Thai place around here.
I also found out this weekend that my dad got fired from his new job. Nice. He wasn't picking it up fast enough, that being the computer and the abbreviations. He wanted to type in Engine Analysis, not Eng Anl. *sigh* So he's got an interview on Monday and he's back on unemployment until then. I'm sure this went over well at home.
I also found out my mom is a complete lying whore. I was talking to my cousin on Friday on my way over to West Palm Beach and she was saying that my mom told her that I didn't tell her that I was coming over this one weekend (which was true, because Heather told me my grandfather was going out of town for the night and that he asked her to watch the house and dog, so I would have a place to stay for the night without my mom knowing what was going on), but I wound up telling her that I was coming over because Heather had made plans with her to go clothes shopping and so, Heather told her that I was there (I was there for the ENTIRE CONVERSATION between Heather and my mom, because she called my mom from her cell phone in my car) to help her pick stuff out at the library for financial aid and what not for her continuing education. So, right there, she knew that I was going to be coming to town.
So, I call my mom later that day, and I'm like, hey what's going on? "Oh, I didn't know you were coming over here this weekend." To quote Jon Lovitz: "LIAR! LIE LIE LIE!" So, anyways, my mom is telling my cousin that Heather lied and said that she was going shopping with her sister-in-law Alisia and so couldn't go out with her. Ummmm...no. I even went out to dinner with my mom that night. THERE ARE MANY WITNESSES TO THIS and yet she says this. *sigh*

I swear to who/whatever that this woman is insane.

Ok, I have to do some fake schoolwork and eat something (soup) because I have a banging headache.

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