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So, Saturday, I forgot to mention all this, was spent with the twins! :)
We had fun with them, took them to target, got them some new shoes, their feet are growing so fast, they are in size 7s now...seems like only yesterday they were in those teeny weeny baby shoes. le sigh
Sidney was pretty funny. Heather was pushing her around in the cart (I know you aren't supposed to say these things, but Sidney is our favorite twin) and felt her smacking her chest, so she looked down, and Sidney is making a kissy face, so Heather bent down to give her a kiss and then came back up and Sidney starts pointing at a pair of flip flops that she wants. It was pretty funny. I was trying on hats (which is funny because I just don't wear them) and I asked Skyler what he thought and he just put his hands up and shrugged his shoulders like, "I don't know...maybe not."
Anyways, went to the dentist today, need to go to the oral surgeon tomorrow to get it extracted. I just hope it doesn't cost too much, but I'm glad it's getting done so quickly. I also have an infection around the tooth, fun!
Heather has her tattoo all mapped out, and I have mine, so now it's just a matter of finding a place to do it. If we were in Tallahassee, I would just go where I got my other one, but alas, we are not, so we have to go searching for a clean place.
Had Pad Thai Shrimp for dinner...mmmmmmmmmmmm most excellent, even had some left over, probably dinner tomorrow if I can chew. I hate dental work.
Ok, time for bed. Night :)

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