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I just got back from the dentist about 20 minutes ago (I'm at work again). Ow.
Because there was infection it was more tender than it normally would be, oh, and the tooth was fractured pretty far down, so he couldn't get to it all the way, had to do some cutting. Ow.
I hate dentistry. :)
At least I have prescription for Lortab. That's fun. I'm still bleeding. This bothers me. I hate bleeding. Especially in my mouth. I'm also very thirsty, but I can't drink anything until the bleeding stops. *sigh*

I'm probably going to leave work early today, like, when the numbness wears off :)
I also haven't eaten lunch so I'm going to be having a nice low blood sugar soon. I'm such a dumbass. I should have eaten before I got there, but I was too nervous. It's a good thing they told me not to spit, otherwise I would be going crazy with spitting right now, and I don't even spit.

I'm such a big baby right now, I just want to curl into my bed and cry. It really doesn't even hurt right now, just the memory of it hurting and knowing that I have to salt water rinse for a few days (why? what is the point, honestly?) and that I can't have hot coffee (only lukewarm for me thanks) for a few days. Oh and the $270 it cost for them to torture me. Bastards.

Just want to go home and lay down and be alone for a while. I hate feeling sorry for myself, and that's exactly what I'm doing. Dammit.

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