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Yep, Charley is heading for Tampa, which is north of us, and we get the east end of the winds/rain. Lots of rain and flooding. *Some* people in chat are all, "Florida is full of wussies, evacuating for a category 2. Pshaw."
Well, to you sir, those evacuating places are below sea level and are prone to flooding during normal rainstorms, so there! ttthhhbbbtttt :)

Anyways, so day off work tomorrow. I may go in if the weather isn't horrible in the morning and get some work done. We'll see. I am going to be talking to immediate boss about the issues I am having with the "office manager" and the estimator (husband and wife). Had more IM fun with them today. Apparently, having to go to the store to get paper is a waste of a trip and time from normal everyday activities or something. Nevermind that Bobbie used about 3 reams of paper in the past 2 days to make copies for new jobs and new contractors. Otherwise, we would have been fine with paper. *sigh* The best part, if they had just asked her where the paper was, she would have told them that it was under the copy machine. Fuckers.
So, going to immediate boss, explaining situation to him and letting him know that I will go speak with big boss or he can do it, but I want them called off, because I will walk. I will go waitress before I put up with this nonsense anymore.

More and more every day I wonder if Debbie (the woman I replaced) really did used to be nice and if she was happy before she started working there.

C'est la vie. Going to bed...debating on taking pain pill, not really hurting, but, you never know ;)

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