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Hurricanes always make me think of my grandmother. Ok, she wasn't really my grandmother, but she was like a surrogate mom to my mother, so I just called her grandma. Anyways, she lived in a retirement trailer park near our house, and so, when the call was put out that a hurricane was a blowin' we would head over to her trailer, excuse me...mobile home *cough* put down her window covers (You know, those metal awnings), pick up all the lawn furniture and patio furniture and put it in the shed and pack up some of her perishables from the freezer and fridge and truck her over to our house, which was made of brick and concrete. :)
Then she'd start cleaning our house. We'd spend the next day or so chasing her around making her stop cleaning our house. "Do you really need these 3 week old newspapers? How about these 5 month old magazines? ALICA!!! Why do you let the house get like this?"
Huh?!?!? WTF? None of it was mine. It was all my mom and dad who seemed to be unable to find a trash can in our kitchen. I didn't seem to have a problem finding it. I do remember one day in particular, not the name of the hurricane, which wound up bypassing us all together and just went on to north carolina, as per the usual for the east coast, and it's kind of a happy memory. We were all sitting in the living room watching Medicine Man (who can't be happy watching Sean Connery?) and the neighbor from across the street came over to make sure we were all doing fine and that we had everything we needed and if we needed to put up shutters or anything. We had decided to not put anything up, because then it would have been really hot in the house AND we were still under the assumption that the big masking tape X would help. hahahahaha.
So, she was sitting there with us and was very pleasant with the neighbor and said, "The televsion company is giving us a break from the coverage and entertaining us with this fine movie." We didn't correct her in her thinking, she didn't notice that we had put a tape into the VCR. It was just nice thinking that she still thought that the local news actually cared about our nerves. :)
I liked her well enough, I was sad when she died, but sad in the way you are sad that a movie star has died. She wasn't really ever very nice to me, in that whole supportive comment way. Always with an insult about my weight or that I wasn't smart enough or that I didn't do something right. It got to where I didn't want to go visit, but my mom and dad continued to make me go over there. I'm thankful for when she was nice to me, and she would get me school clothes (my parents couldn't really afford to) and had told me that I was her favorite grandchild even though I wasn't related. Hot and cold that woman. I know she did it to try and make me a better person, but it was just the wrong way to do it. So, here's to the Miss Corned Beef of New York (as she was once in her youth) and to Hurricane Charley for bringing back some childhood memories.


*If I could have a drink, I would drink to them.

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