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Zee Hurricane, part deux

Ok, decided to do part deux up in here...

11 a.m. - 8/14/04

Probably woke up around 7 a.m. It was too hot in here to sleep comfortably, so we all got up, I think we all just kind of felt that it was time to stop laying in bed, we pretended to sleep, so, now, let's pretend to do stuff. I'm having small back spasms in my lower back, probably from sitting in not so comfortable chairs all day yesterday. I'll get past it though. Bobbie and I decided to go hunt and forage for coffee and a newspaper and some hamburger buns (we have a lot of hamburger meat to use in the freezer before it goes bad). We made our way down to the Dunkin' Donuts, alas, they were closed, probably all the better for them, they didn't have power anyways. We kind of figured they didn't have power in that plaza when we saw that the traffic lights were down. I mean, on the side of the road down. The poles were down too. Um, it wasn't good. I never realized how big a traffic light is though, since you only kind of see them from far away and all. They...they are pretty damn big. So, we made our way to the Publix (grocery chain) and found that they had power, all of their systems were up and running and so, we couldn't buy anything refrigerated, so, we got some more juice, snack crackers, buns, a loaf of bread (we figured we'd be eating a lot of pb&j) and I got some cash, just in case. No coffee to be found anywhere in the store, except on the shelf...but no electricity = no coffee pot. I suggested some instant coffee and was vetoed, gas station coffee would have to suffice.

So, we left publix in search of a gas station that was open. We found a Mobil station, but their pumps were still wrapped up in plastic. We went inside anyways to find a line for the coffee. There was one urn of coffee left. Hardly any cups for the coffee were available either. It was insane! I got in line, because I wanted a hot cup of coffee, I needed a little bit of normalcy for the day. Someone made a joke, "I feel like I'm in the bread and water line." Bobbie was sitting at a little table in the gas station and said, "That's AFTER the coffee line." She opted for a cold bottle of Frappuccino instead of hot, fresh, gas station coffee. I felt kind of sorry for the lady working there, she had to keep the coffee coming. She said it had been nonstop people in there since 6 a.m. It was only about 8:30 when we were there. Poor thing. :)
While we stood in line to pay for the coffee, frappuccino and paper, they turned the pumps on and we were parked in front of a pump. HALLELUJUAH! Bobbie filled up and I got to the car and off we went back to the house to start cleaning up. Except, really, there wasn't much to clean. Some branches in the front yard, avocados from the backyard (neighbor's tree), the grapefruits hung on to the tree something fierce so we didn't have to pick those up, and there were some palm fronds in the backyard, and...the screens. The poor patio screens. Got those all picked up and then it was a matter of deciding what to do with the towels. We had to use them ALL to stop water from coming in through the front door. Now, they are all wet, need to dry them. So, we will try and hang them outside to see if they will dry a little. Just to at least stop them from getting mold/mildew.

We skimmed the pool a bit, but, really there is no point in brushing it right now since we can't use the vacuum, because we can't turn on the pumps. So, now we are kind of sitting here, nothing to do. I always complain that if we had stuff to do, we didn't do it because we would get sucked into the television for the afternoon, now we have no power, and...we still have nothing to do. I am going through withdrawals of no LJ, no IRC and no email. I may go out later to see if I can find a laundromat to wash the towels at. If there is a place with power anyways. Right now we are going to start on some burgers for lunch. And reorganize the coolers so that we have better cold control of the food. More later. Need food and water.

Oh, just to mention, the water service was never interrupted. The pressure is a bit low, but everything seems to be fine. YAY!!!


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