LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

More Hurricane "Wrath"

Yes, "wrath". That is what the local media is calling it, "The Wrath of Hurricane Charley," silly news media. This is just the last of the thoughts that I wrote down on Saturday before we took off for Bobbie's mom's house that night. She had air and refrigeration...and internet access (which I couldn't get to until Sunday, but whatever) So, here is the last installment.

I forgot to mention earlier that while we were out, it was great to see everyone in good spirits. Long lines at gas stations for coffee, ice, gas, cigarettes, water, batteries. Long lines EVERYWHERE for EVERYTHING, constant updates on the radio of who was open and who had generators and ice. And through it all right now, everyone is laughing and joking, just happy to be alive and with their friends and family. The guy at the Mobil station where we got our coffee was looking really frazzled, I told him that he was doing a great job, he seemed pleased with that, and looked like he perked up a little. :)

I also went out to find a laundromat...HA! That's funny, oh that's right, because no one has power! We may go to Bobbie's mom's house and do it there, and perhaps, stay there. Right now we have the towels outside on the porch, hoping that they dry a little just so they don't get mildewy. But, driving around, I saw traffic lights down on the ground, hanging by one cord and fully intact but not functioning. For the most part, people are obeying the 4 way stop rule at nonfunctioning traffic lights. I think the other thing though is that they are also not paying much attention, having become so used to just seeing a light ahead, and now...no light. They just sail on through. There are cops at the really big intersections, but the smaller ones are a fend for yourself type of deal. Fine by me :)

Last night, I noticed something interesting, with all the lights gone...it was almost eerie. It was so dark. Hardly anyone out. Creepy. Like we were the last people on earth. Except for the other cars on the road at least :) I could actually see the sky though. How pretty it was. The clouds were mostly gone, nice and clear and full of stars. As horrible as these natural disasters are, really, they are just a way to do some cleaning. Things a bit cluttered...need a hurricane :)

Today on the way back in from the trek to the laundromat, I noticed the papa john's awning/sign from the papa john's around the corner. Well, the awning was around the corner from the shop. :D That was the only damage sustained by that little plaza, that and being out of gas.

We have decided to go to her mom's house. Time to pack up stuff for the night and go! AIR CONDITIONING here I come!

So, that was what I had gotten a chance to write down. The power is back on, no DSL still, but I'll survive for now :) and today it was back to work. Power was lost at work until Sunday some time, so, I don't feel so bad about not going in on Saturday. My immediate boss didn't lose power at all but the big boss did for about 12 hours. Everyone seemed to weather it through okay. One of the guys decided to go to near Orlando, to Sanford, to keep away from the storm...oops. Guess what came that way? You guessed it. Poor guy. He took today off to clean his yard up and rest. Hadn't had a decent night's sleep since probably Thursday. I hope I sleep better tonight...I haven't been able to fall asleep very well the past few nights, but with it raining, I should be able to do so. Freaking rain. :)

Night kids.

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