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Too many thoughts in my head. It may be time for a bullet list for you all to share in with me :) I'll even cut it to spare you all.

*Got a few books about financing and small business, one has been a bust, hoping the other two have something better.

*Want to lay down, but with all these thoughts, need to get them out, what better place than your journal

*Things are getting better here (in the house) so may not move out, depends really.

*Would be a better savings of my xmas bonus from work.

*Trying to figure out how to pick my boss's brain on how to start up a business and wondering if he would be excited to help or just amused.

*Why aren't I excited about my birthday? Everyone else seems to go all apeshit when their birthday approaches and are all, "hey, what you got for me?"

*The reason I ask is Bobbie asked today, "What do you want for your birthday dinner?"
"You have to want something."
"mmm...No, nothing really."
"Well, we are having steaks and potatoes."

*Heather: "Sooooooooooooooo, what do you want to do for your birthday?"
"I thought we were taking the twins to the zoo and getting tattoos."
"That's all?"
"Nothing else?"

*IM conversation with Heather:
"Are you getting excited for your super duper all about Alica birthday weekend?"
"I guess."
"Dude, it's your birthday."

*Is this wrong?

*I mean, I like presents, they are cool and all, but...I don't know.

*Self doubt is a BITCH.

*I think I would run a great coffee shop, but the tasks to finding the funding is daunting. Should I just start with a cart somewhere? I would hate that as it would not give me the satisfaction I think I am craving of being surrounded by people who are there to learn or relax or just be.

*My tooth doesn't hurt anymore.

*Although, yesterday I swished (out of habit) and it was with hot coffee...ow

*I am happy for the most part. I enjoy my job, until the princess decides she needs to do some delegation.

*I need to start a big personnel project at work. This is going to be interesting.

*I think I need to make a list of things for the receptionist to check off every day to make sure that she does things properly.

*This list seems to be going nowhere.

*My foot fell asleep while typing this.

*They are watching Olympic swimming. Better than synchronized diving though.

*I want DSL back, but keep telling myself, "at least you are still in a house and have electricity and your car didn't get fucked over" but even that's not working as well as it once was.

*Is this human nature? You feel bad for others for not having what you have, but wish that you had everything back that you once had. Am I just being silly? Is this selfish?

*I really hope parilous gets the new job at a salary she wants.

*I hope that the new kitties can help my buddy feel better. Even though that is not the stem of the downness, I hope they can help make the day a little brighter for you.

*I hope that ridiculous PI whiners get their just desserts.

*I hope that bobbie finds happiness working with her mom in her new real estate business.

*I hope bobbie's mom is successful in her new real estate business. :)

*I really hope Heather goes back to school to become a teacher, she would be happy then.

*I hope my dad stays with this new job.

*The receptionist told me that her uncle wants her to go work for him in like 3 weeks. She's a good kid, but, um...she doesn't do much.

*I'm a little envious of jesterstear for just DOING IT and starting his shop. I thank him for kickstarting me. :)

*I think I may be ready to get some sleep now...at least my foot is.

*I also hope that porcelain72 realizes that she is an awesome person whom I enjoy reading and probably wouldn't mind meeting one day so that she can feel a little better. It's people like her that make the world a little more liveable.

Ok, and with that...I prepare for nightly sleep. Oh, and packing for the weekend. :)

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