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It is so freaking hot in my room right now. I think it got to about 95 today and my room gets sun all day long. Like full front nudity only with sunshine. So, right now I have my bedroom door open to let the heat out and let the room cool down some. If I had realized it was still this hot in here earlier, I would have done this earlier. I am so hot and want to lay down, but I know I'll be uncomfortable and won't sleep well.

Anyways, while the rooms cools, today wasn't one of my best days. I woke up kind of late (later than usual) and had a pounding headache. The rest of the day, I just sat like a lump on the couch. I tried to get motivated to clean up my room (at least put the clean clothes away) go to the grocery store or SOMETHING. Zip, zilch, nada. I didn't even have the energy to do some schoolwork. *sigh* I don't know what it is, I think it's just a pity party in my head.

Oh, but the kicker, the absolute best part...There is a forecast for a hurricane to hit the east coast of Florida this weekend. Now, besides having family over there, Bobbie and Josh are supposed to go over to Daytona Beach this weekend to go on his parents boat for the long weekend. THANKS HURRICANE FRANCES YOU DIRTY WHORE. :)

Let's hope it fizzles out before it gets there. Or something. I need a god damn weekend to myself. Maybe that's what the issue is. I need to have some alone time, and I don't have anyplace to have it unless I hole up in my room, except I don't want to hole up in my room because it's fucking HOT in here.

It's finally cooling off a bit though, so, maybe I can start getting ready for bed.

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