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I've fallen off the wagon in terms of taking care of certain things about my health (carb/sugar control, calorie counting, eating meat/dairy, etc) and so things are going wacky with my body. One of those things is that the red menace has not made itself known. Which led to a test today. Which was negative. Thank the goats. Now I know there are other environmental issues at play (my sense of smell has gone super sensitive at work lately, as well as sneezing like crazy when I get in there).

I think that's about all in my world. It's pretty boring here, and for right now, I'm okay with that.
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Nothing major going on in life right now. Work is being silly. They want to give T and I more "authority" and "compensation for said authority" without actually coming to any conclusions as to what "authority" they will give us. For real, it's just super silly. Because, see, if they "promoted" us and gave us titles like "Shift Leader" then there would be FIVE chiefs and four Indians. FIVE. So, like a one to one, almost. We should hire one more person, then :)

On the one hand, yes it's nice to be recognized for being good at your job, but on the other it's kind of like, "Oh REALLY? YOU REALLY REALLY THINK I CAN DO THE JOB?" I'm way too cynical for my own good.

Today is the first 90 degree day of the year. It's so hot. SO HOT.

Moving closer and closer to my own startup. I was going to do some cooking and what not today, but I'm really just enjoying being all lazy. Although, I did do my income taxes. So that's nice. That refund is going to be my start up money, essentially. It's kind of fun to think of it that way. I'm also looking forward to ordering from the ULine catalog. James, a boyfriend of a friend, is doing my logo design. I'm hoping it comes out amazing. I think he'll do a great job.
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One of my coworkers quit Wednesday in the middle of his shift. Yaaay! I felt bad about it, but, it was a long time coming. There was a brief moment there where I thought I was going to be following him out the door. Luckily, Douchey D changed his tune, so I was able to keep the golden handcuffs on a while longer. But, dear oh dear, I'm ready to go. And now, next week, I'm scheduled 49 hours. Up from the original 46 I was scheduled. My feet are screaming at me right now.

What was really funny, before all this happened, I was thinking about asking for a schedule reduction of hours. Like working 9-7 Monday through Thursday or something. But, right now, that's not going to happen. However, I am going to be very stingy with my Sundays. I'll be requesting off probably every second or third Sunday, because I really really really hate working Sundays. I don't feel the money is worth it. The tips I get aren't any better than working a different day of the week. Even closing at 4, we aren't leaving until 4:30 because we get super busy in the last 15 minutes of the shift. Then proceed to spend time during our cleaning telling people driving up that we are closed. Not that they are listening to what we are saying.

I'll be applying to get a food handler's card next month. Then I can register myself as a Home Based Confectionary business. Yaaay! I'm working out food costs and recipes right now.

In other news, today I was supposed to be a witness for the defense in a criminal proceeding in City Court. However, the guy pled to a lesser charge at the very vocal encouragement of his attorney. I was able to have a fairly restful day off after that. So that was nice.
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Oh HAI! I'm afraid to actually look and see when my last entry was. So much has happened since then, I'm sure.

I found out some information about selling food from home kitchens. This is exciting news. This means I can start super small, weekend farmer's markets, etc. An old coworker of mine has stuck out on his own (started in August) with a coffee/juice cart. He's doing pretty well for himself and has said he wants me to make him some caramel sauce for his coffee. I've done one batch so far, but that was is not going to be a profitable solution, so I would go back to the drawing board for it. I think I could provide him with a few other options of things for him to sell that would be delicious, local, and possibly organic. He's going as much organic/local as he can for things, so this would be awesome. :)

My convertible was totaled out over the holiday season. I was rear ended by a van, the trunk was pushed in a good foot. The bumper was shaped like a "V". Good times. I replaced Blanche with a truck. I haven't named it...yet. Perhaps a name will come to me, we shall see.

I want to make a pledge to use this more often. I miss writing and having a record, because, seriously, this is how I am able to remember a lot of crap.

Mostly right now, though, I need to go to bed. My throat is sore, and I'm hoping it's just environmental crap and not me getting sick. Fingers crossed.
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Numbers numbers numbers

My labs from June show my cholesterol at 224. Not great, but not terrible! :)
My A1c is 12.6%. Ouch.

So, she put me on an insulin shot. Every morning I have to do some deep breathing and then jam a needle into my stomach. I think I hit a vein a few days ago because I'm bruised, but it doesn't hurt, which is a plus.

I've been doing pretty good with the calories. The first few days were HORRIBLE. All I wanted to do was eat eat eat. I've kind of normalized at this point. I've been putting in everything to myfitnesspal for calorie tracking. Back on the gym wagon. Thinking about taking a yoga class once a week or something and well, just being.

On a challenge for myself, I made a mock chicken salad. It wasn't too bad.

food 006

Needed salt, so I tossed on some Louisiana hot sauce. mmmmmmm the best sauce evar
Charlie Brown


I wish that was my SAT score. Alas, that's the calories I've been placed on. Do you know how freaking hard that is? I'm measuring, and counting, and sorting, and weighing (well, okay, I'm not weighing because I don't have a scale right now, but I'll be getting one soon at Harbor Freight. Love Harbor Freight.) and realizing "THAT'S a serving?"

I mean, I knew it before, this isn't the first time I've done this, but, still, it's always a surprise. Especially when you love avocados and know that you can really only get away with one a day because, dammit, that's 250 calories that you might put to better use with say a big bowl of broccoli and some oil free hummus. I haven't made this yet, but I as soon as I fix my food processor, I will. Stupid frozen bananas broke it. I do have that immersion blender though...

I digress. 1600 calories. But, I can do it. I have faith and what not. I'm finally over the worst of the hell cold that downed me for five days. Now it's just the vestiges of it. I sound like a four pack a day smoker. It's kind of fun. Without all of that pesky lung cancer to ruin the day.

I came home from Walgreen's with a big bag of prescriptions. She changed my blood pressure medication, so far it seems fine. Thankfully, she didn't prescribe statins, I explained to her that they really made me feel terrible. She prescribed niacin. So, I have some of that that I take every night with a cup of almond milk and a baby aspirin. The niacin flush is lots of fun, let me tell you. I'm back on the metformin, and tomorrow I'll go up to the full dosage. I have to wean on to that stuff, it gives me terrible stomach pains and other nasty things if I don't.

That's your boring health update from me. Yaaay!

In other news, my mom is in town tomorrow. SURPRISE! *shakes head* I tell you, sometimes I wonder about my family. :)

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Lady business TMI, do not read until you see me say "NO MORE LADY BUSINESS"

Don't say I didn't warn you:
Since about mid-March I have been dealing with an itchy cooter. Some days it was okay, some days I wanted to take a Brillo pad to her to relieve the itching. She calmed down enough for me to have lots of good times while I was in Vegas, so that was nice, but then she said, "Oh, hey, remember all the fun you had? Time to pay the piper, bitch." and I was all, "Oh COME ON! Again?" I went to a new lady doctor and she said, "Holy cow there is some craziness going on down here." She did her swabs and swipes and pinches and threw some glitter in there and I was on my way. She ordered labs for all kinds of stuff, and finally, I get the test results for the itchy, angry lady. It's a yeast infection and vaginitis. What? Really? This is the weirdest yeast infection I've ever encountered, but okay, fine. They called in some meds for me, but one of them was going to be penicillin. I'm allergic. Oopsy! So, just the flucanozole (DiFlucan) for now.
But there is more! The PAP came back abnormal. I have to go back in for further tests. Some sort of test where they pinch my cervix and smack it around and tie it up and tease it with feathers. Who knew gynecology was so freaky? This is the first time I've ever had an abnormal PAP, so of course I'm freaking out. But, on the inside. I know that sometimes they can come back abnormal due to testing errors or whatever, but I'm just hoping that I don't need to go through a biopsy or anything.


On to other medical issues. As some of you know, I fell off the vegan wagon. Really hard. Oh goat cheese, why do you tempt me with your creaminess? That kind of stuff. :)
Lady doctor says, "Hmmmm, let's do a test for insulin resistance because I'm seeing some skin discoloration here that is a good indicator for that sort of thing. And we'll just test for other stuff while we're at it." Yaay! Blood work! Fasting! Wheeeeee!

Off I go to the lab a few days later. It's a 2 hour glucose test. You drink some nasty flat orange soda with a cup of sugar added to make you want to puke, then you wait for 2 hours. It's as horrid as it sounds. My glucose was...ready? 400. It should be around 85-140 for a "normal" person. 400 is a medical emergency. The kicker is that I feel fine. The bigger joke in all this: I can't see a doctor until July 1st. That's when they can schedule me because my insurance doesn't cover a nurse practitioner. I have the HealthNet employer plan. Hardly anyone takes the Community plan, apparently. I was told I can call to see if something opens up, though. I'll call on my days off from work to see if something has opened up. That's pretty exciting.

I am interested to see what the doctor is going to say. And in the meantime, I'm going back to no dairy/meat for most of the days. I don't have it in the house, that's for sure. I know they are going to want to put me on medication again, and that's fine. For now. I don't want to take the statins they are going to prescribe for the cholesterol. Those make me feel horrible. I'm not going to go through my day feeling worse because that is supposed to make me feel "better".

Through all this, the lady doctor is going to see if I have PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a good reason why I'll get to a certain point with weight loss and then, the brakes just get thrown. And the scale won't budge. No matter what I do. This, honestly, is the only reason I'm willing to work with meds again. To see if I can get the brakes to stop being applied as soon as I start making some progress.
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I got to eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. That's pretty exciting. :)
My parents, J, and I went to Vegas last week. It was actually a really fun time. My legs were pretty sore for two days afterward after all that walking, but, all in all a good trip. J got his first airplane ride and "fancy" hotel.
We stayed slightly off strip on Flamingo Drive, it was ok. Palms Place hotel and spa. J and I walked over to the Gold Coast and the Rio a few times at crazy o'clock in the morning.

I will say, the bathroom at the hotel was amazing. Whirlpool soaker tub, walk in shower with rain head and a removable sprayer nozzle thing. Very awesome.

I think we were probably pretty gross to people passing by with the PDAs and what not. It's weird for me how far we've come. Honestly, this is the first real relationship I've ever been in. And, man, it's a lot of work, but it's also fun.

I have health insurance through coffee job. That's so amazing to me. And they are paying for it. I'm only paying for dental and vision. I can go get an eye exam and glasses! yaaay! I can get free cleanings for my teeth! yaaay!

I've already got a lady doctor appointment scheduled. So that's good. Now to find a PCP if she can't be that for me (the lady doctor that is). April has made a recco on that, so I'll be heading in that direction.

On a sadder note, one of our favorite customers died over the weekend. She was such a nice lady. She gave me an earring and bracelet set, and I wore it to Vegas. I was so excited to tell her when I got back how it went perfectly with a dress I had bought for the trip, but she doesn't get to hear that now. Or have her mint green tea ever again. :( She was a great lady. I'm going to miss her. We all are. We all loved serving her.

I think J had a good birthday. Next year is his big 30. Maybe I should start planning something now. :)
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Oh hey! Imagine meeting you here.

I'm rarely on my laptop, but I do check LJ on my phone. However, the app has gotten really buggy, so I can't check the comments left on stuff. That kind of sucks, but it also keeps me from reading lots of comment wank on the communities I read. :)

I'm making some chili right now. Seems odd since it's hot out, but I figured, hey, why not? One of my coworkers mentioned it, and I said, "Hey, that sounds tasty!"

I'm back on the vegan wagon as of 4/1. Oddly, it's harder this time around. But, at the same time, it's a little easier since I know more of what I can eat off the top of my head. Mostly, I don't care so much anymore what I cook at home, so, I eat a lot of veggies "stir fried" with rice. Lots of soy sauce. I should probably cut back on the soy sauce, but it's pretty tasty.

I'm still with J. We're living together now. Like, splitting rent and everything. It's still a little lopsided in terms of household breakdown, but, we are getting there. We are going to Vegas next month, that should be fun. Finally, HOTEL SEX! WOOO!!!! :)

I quit MGP and now I'm back at coffee. I've got this new outlook on it, which is nice. More relaxed. Less trying to be as helpful (management material) and more just "I'm here to do my job, I will do my job, and then, I will go home. Yaaay!" No more volunteering to do x, y, or z. Nope, not happening.

I'm going to try to come back a bit more to LJ, because I mostly used this to keep things down so I could just go back and be all, "Oh yeah, that's when that happened. Duh!" In the meantime, I have to portion out the chili for tomorrow, so I'm gonna go ahead and end this now. Yeah, so there ya go. :)