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Embracing Mediocrity Since 2002

Because 500 calories of celery is virtually incomprehensible.

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22 August 1978
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There are moments when I just speak of utter nonsense. Like "Kitty Kitty Pants".

Like a fucking blanket is going to protect my ass from a rattlesnake bite. -- Me to justjay

From bash.org:

(Unspawny) The ultimate game would be a game sorta like The Sims.
(Unspawny) Except it would be called 'Angst'.
(Unspawny) And you would see how many angsty people you can befriend, screw over, and then befriend again.
(frog) you just described Livejournal: The Game

I'm so tired of being tired
As sure as night will follow day
Most things I worry about
Never happen anyway

-- "Crawling Back To You" Tom Petty

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